T. A. Stanley lives in Brooklyn. She is currently working on a collection of flash fiction, Pulling Weeds, that addresses the violences and violations that one absorbs as a woman, the ways in which these experiences live in the body and mind, and how one attempts to move through and heal after trauma.

How does a woman continue in relationship to a man? How are our interactions constantly influenced by the threat of violence? What is love and passion if not violent? How does someone affected by trauma control their own violent impulses and reactions? These are just some of the questions and themes she works through in this collection with the ultimate goal of finding peace in relationships between men and women as well as between body and mind.

She uses magical and fantastic elements to illuminate the ways in which the lived experience of "womanhood" has made her feel through embodiments of these emotions in surreal acts and transformations.

Her work has been published in The Atlas Review, Crack the Spine Literary Journal, Black Candies: Gross and Unlikable, Potluck Mag, Synaesthesia Magazine, and Paper Darts, among others.  Her unpublished chapbook - Pulling Weeds: A Collection of Some Very Short Stories - was a semi-finalist in The Atlas Review's 2nd Annual Chapbook Contest.

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