Feral Voices: The Other Brooklyn Reading Series

What is this?

This is the start of a curated monthly reading series every second Wednesday of the month at Unnameable Books in Brooklyn (600 Vanderbilt Ave). The next one is Thursday, August 15th at 7pm.

What makes it different from all the other reading series?

The goal of this series is to draw attention to the voices of the marginalized and specifically those who do not benefit from the support and validation of a MFA program. This is not to say those who have a MFA or are currently in a program aren’t allowed to submit but simply that I am looking to build a community and lift up writers who don’t have the benefit of this built-in support system and who are subsequently left questioning their value and worth in this industry.

I want to even the playing field and give everyone a shot to get their work in front of an audience. Ultimately, I want to build a community of writers who can support each other with editing, opportunities, and positive feedback.

How do I submit?

Please submit a selection of poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction as a .doc or .docx file to feralvoicesreadingseries@gmail.com. I will be reading your submissions blind, so leave out any identifying information in the actual file. In the body of your email feel free to tell me about yourself and your work, but I will wait to read this until after reading your work, so don't get too hung up on it. No page limits for now, but keep it reasonable. I am currently just an army of one.

My goal is to give feedback and to have everything open on a rolling submission basis, meaning that even if I don't select you as a reader for one month, it doesn't mean you won't be selected for another one! I want this to be an open dialogue. I intend to respond to all submissions with notes and edits if necessary and always encouragement. I want to talk about your work and give everyone a chance to have their time in the spotlight.

How do I contact you?

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Email: feralvoicesreadingseries@gmail.com

Twitter: @Feral_Voices

Instagram: @Feral_Voices

Facebook: Feral Voices Reading Series Page

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